Product Set-up


The “signs up” process begins by clicking on the "sign up" button located at the top of the "home page". The subscriber enters his or her information on to the "sign-up" form, including the number of users that will be participating in the Bright Pace subscription. Once completed the subscriber must click "I agree" to the "terms and conditions" to continue. The subscriber is referred to as the "Organization Manager." The "Organization Manager" has purchasing authority and managerial control of “his or her" Bright Pace subscription.

After the "sign-up" process is complete the "Organization Manager" can transfer his or her role as “Organization Manager” to another "teacher or account" within his or her organization, such as a "Curriculum Coordinator" or "School Principal." (e.g., the school financial officer transfers his or her role of "organization manager" to the "curriculum coordinator" or "school principal". Once the "organization manager” has registered, he or she creates user groups, which are organized by discipline and grade/or standard level.

Creating Groups and Assigning Teachers:

Groups are created in the "groups and courses" section. Once created, the organization manager invites teachers, henceforth "accounts," to register on "the Site," using the "Invite" feature located on the "Subscription" page in the "Groups and Courses" section. The "organization manager" is by default the team facilitator, henceforth the "group owner" for each group he or she creates. The organization manager can transfer "group ownership" to another user in the group at any time.

Each "Teacher Account" receives an invitation to enroll by email through Bright Pace. Once received, he or she clicks the response link located in the email and enrolls. Once a "Teacher - Account" has enrolled, the “organization manager” assigns the "Teacher Account" to one or more groups. "Teacher - Accounts" can form a group or groups of their own after they have been assigned to a home group. A "Teacher - Account” can join or create a group with any other "Teacher - Account(s)" in his or her organization.

Creating Courses

The "group course" feature allows teachers to collaboratively design units and lessons for a course. Group course titles are created by the organization manager or any "Teacher Account" in the group. Teacher accounts are responsible for populating group courses with units and lessons and establishing and aligning learning standards. Group courses can be cloned and modified for personal use. Courses are created by clicking the “groups and courses” tab on the home page > and then by selecting “My Groups” > and “Create New.”

Learning Standards – Professional Tracking:

Each team is responsible for developing a list of Student Learning Standards and the Professional Standards for Educator Leadership. The standards are manually installed, either typed or "copied and pasted". Manual installment is a one-time job; any and all team members can participate. Once complete, standards are ready to be applied to curriculum units and projects.

The Learning Standards are sorted alphanumerically by title. Once installed, teachers and administrators apply standards to their units, lessons, and administrative projects. A record of activities is recorded in the professional tracking section. The "Professional Tracking Feature" is a historical list of teacher activities sorted by content, title and date; it displays a record of applied standards, PSEL, unit(s) and lesson(s), journal entries and discussions.

Sign Up - Set Up – Feature Overview:

1. The Subscriber has purchasing authority and is referred to as the "organization manager"."The organization manager" can transfer his or her role to another "account" within the organization.

2. The "Organization Manager" creates groups and organizes them by discipline and, grade or standard level. By default, the organization manager is the team facilitator or "group owner" until he or she assigns another account to take over responsibility.

3. All “Group Members” including "Teacher Accounts" the Organization Manager and Group Owner can create a "Group Course Title."

4. The Organization Manager invites teachers to sign up - an invitation is sent by email through Bright Pace - "Teacher Accounts" respond by clicking on the link sent and then enrolls.

5. The "organization manager," Group owner" and "teacher account" can create, clone and edit a Course for the next year.

6. The "Organization manager" and all "teacher accounts" sign in" using their email address as their ID and the password created during "sign up".

7. After teachers "sign up", the "organization manager" assigns "teacher accounts" to one or more primary groups.

8. Any subscriber, including - the "organization manager," group owner," and "teacher account" can create and manage new groups once they have been assigned to a primary group.

9. All "Teacher Accounts" including the Organization Manager can both independently or collectively establish team learning standards and apply them. Each "Group Course" or project is tied to a single set of "Standards".

10. Teacher communication about curricula and practices occurs on the "Discussion Board."

11. Teachers can store their reflections in an "Electronic Journal" along with pertinent discussions and professional activities and organize them into a professional record. Records can be downloaded to support professional development, teacher evaluation, and recertification. Educators need to familiarize themselves with the professional development regulations in their state or region.

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