PBL Process Description

Problem Based Learning

PBL -  http://web.stanford.edu/dept/CTL/cgi-bin/docs/newsletter/problem_based_learning.pdf

Understanding the Problem

1. What 's the problem - Find a Messy problem, one that sparks interest.

2 .What do I know - Need to know - Need to do

3. Define the Problem - Write a problem statement; apply the facts and tasks identified in the above two steps. Consider using a graphic organizer.

Explore (Cooperative/Collaboration)

1.Students gather information from a variety sources.

2.Information is shared within the group and relevance discussed.

3.Synthesize or assemble information and generate possible solutions.

Resolve the Problem

1.Determine the Best Fit by inputting factors into the problem statement.

2. Present Solutions to experts and stakeholders for review and feedback

3. Debrief : Reflect on the Problem through group discussion - what was learned

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