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Bright Pace LLC is an educational consulting company that builds collaborative teacher environments. Central to the services we provide is our highly efficient, online collaborative curriculum and project design platform, brightpace.com. The platform enables schools to organize teachers by discipline, grade, or standard level into collaborative curriculum and project design teams, where they share knowledge and experience, as they apply new learning. Teachers can also form groups with other teachers for school projects, coaching/ mentoring, co-teaching, and after-school activities.

Our system supports collaborative curriculum design, team building, professional development, the student learning standards, and PSEL. Team building occurs as teachers collaborate while they apply goal-focused behaviors during lesson and project design.

Our professional tracking feature records all professional activity, including curricula and related content, teacher communication, reflections, the student learning standards, and PSEL. Bright Pace introduces curriculum design models, strategies, and practices that meet diverse student learning needs, including gifted learners.

The Bright Pace platform supports team leader roles and promotes coactive professional-learning processes that lead to sustained-teacher-growth in four areas: personal knowledge, teaching practices, outcome management, and networking. Our system supports teacher evaluation and re-certification processes.

Located in Northern Illinois, Bright Pace LLC serves K-12 schools, colleges, trade schools, home-schools, educator groups, and teacher development providers throughout the United States and abroad. Bright Pace LLC offers a sixty-day free trial period. Contact us at (888) 253-1950, by email at contact@brightpace.com, or at brightpace.info.

Fred Hotel
President, Bright Pace LLC

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