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Brightpace.com is a cooperative curriculum planning, and design platform that facilitates teacher development. Collaborative design teams allow teachers to share knowledge and experience, and apply new learning to meet diverse needs. Bright pace LLC supports curriculum differentiation and team building and serves as a framework for organizational goals, including the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, PSEL.

The Bright Pace platform provides flexibility and control over group structure and the hierarchical pathways that link educators. It tracks professional activity, including discussions, applied learning standards, and reflections. It also aids teacher evaluation and the re-certification process. We serve K-12 schools, Colleges, Trade Schools, Home-schools, and formal career development providers throughout the United States, and abroad.

Our platform is supported by the Clarke and Hollingsworth 2002 Interconnected Model of Professional Growth as discussed by Voogt et. al 2011; who identify professional growth processes that teachers engage while participating in collaborative curriculum design teams. These processes, according to Voogt et. al 2011, lead to sustained educator growth in four domains: "Personal Knowledge, Practice, Outcome Management, and the External Domain." Sustained or long-term teacher growth lead to exceptional student learning opportunities and achievement outcomes.

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